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Tales from the Ele - Saturday 25 Jan 1845!

From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 25 January, 1845. Price 5d.

The gentlemen and respectable tradesmen who meet at the "Walmer Castle Inn," held their annual supper on Tuesday evening, when about fifty sat down to a repast, which for variety, excellence, and abundance, reflected great credit on the worthy young host, (Mr. Sympson,) and his sister. The stewards had not been idle in their vocation, and every arrangement for the evening's entertainment seemed to give the greatest satisfaction. In consequence of the unavoidable absence, from indisposition, of Mr. Vile, who has presided over these annual meetings for a long series of years, Mr. Russell was appointed chairman, and the remark is far removed from flattery when we say that the ability which he displayed, and the easy manner in which he went through the various duties of the chair have been rarely if ever excelled. The usual loyal toasts were received with the accustomed honours; and as the enlivening glass went round, toast, song, and sentiment afforded successfully an intellectual and harmonious treat. In the course of the evening the health of Mr. Vile was proposed by Mr. Kennett, and was drank with enthusiasm.

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