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A History of the Elephant & Hind

Located in the Market Square of one of England’s oldest towns, the Elephant and Hind has become one of the town’s most vibrant bars and restaurants.

We are a fun and welcoming bar that offers a wide range of live events, food and drink & whilst the bar has a modern atmosphere, it is in fact one of Dover’s oldest hostelries!

Dover has been one of the most continually inhabited sites in the country and which pre-dates the Roman invasion of the British Isles – in fact the pub is situated on what would have been an estuary and was once home to the Roman fleet.

Fast forward 1500 years and we come to 1729 and the establishment of what would have been one of the many incantations of what would later become the Elephant and Hind. Known as the ‘Dolphin’ and later the ‘Hare and Hounds’ – the pub later became two separate bars, one called the ‘Walmer Castle Inn’ and the ‘Duchess of Kent’.

In 1962 the two pubs became one bar, which we know now to be the Elephant and Hind!

Dover as the most strategically located ports in the country has long enjoyed a colourful and the Ellie and Hind is no exception! A full history of the pub can be found here but needless to say the past patrons are never far away, if you believe in the paranormal!

The Modern ‘Ellie’

The bar today is a bustling bar and restaurant in the heart of the town and plays host to many live events, sports and music events.

We are a keen supporter of the local community and are a keen charity supporter of the Dover RNLI as well as a sponsor partner to ever so talented Dover Sharks Rugby team!


The team at the Ellie are also fully supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and have hosted a number of events as well supporting and sponsoring the first ever Dover Pride.

We welcome all to our bar and welcome you to help shape the ongoing story of one of Dover’s oldest pubs!

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